VIVOTEK Announces Robust Anti-Ligature Corner Dome Camera for Correctional Environments

VIVOTEK Announces Robust Anti-Ligature Corner Dome Camera for Correctional Environments

Taipei, Taiwan – VIVOTEK, the global leading IP surveillance solution provider, introduces its two latest anti-ligature corner dome network cameras with the fixed lens CD8371-HNVF2 and vari-focal lens CD8371-HNTV. Both 3–megapixel corner dome network cameras feature an anti-grip design, robust IK10+ housing and built-in invisible 940nm IR illuminators, undetectable by the human eye. VIVOTEK corner dome cameras are specially designed for high security environments, such as prisons, holding cells, psychiatric wards, mental hospitals, and correctional institutions, and can both reduce the possibility of self-harm and simultaneously protect the safety of institutional staff.

Fully aware of the growing need for indoor surveillance of critical environments, VIVOTEK has developed the CD8371-HNVF2 and CD8371-HNTV to meet the challenges of this demanding field. With anti-ligature edges, the camera can prevent against self-harm and even suicide. Designed to be installed in the upper corner of a cell, the corner dome cameras also allow security officers to see any event in cells, with wide angle horizontal FOV (up to 108°) and vertical FOV (up to 79°). Moreover, each devise is armed with a robust vandal-proof IK10+ rated and weather-proof IP66 rated housing, enabling the camera’s body to withstand water and protect against vandalism or tampering. Also equipped with shock detection and advanced tampering detection in case cameras suffer attack. Thanks to two-way audio and a built-in microphone, sound can also be clearly monitored and recorded up to 5 meters.

As professional day and night cameras, the CD8371-HNVF2 and CD8371-HNTV feature built-in 940nm IR illuminators effective up to 10 meters which operate completely invisible and guarantee security in total darkness. These cameras also adopt WDR Pro, which captures both dark and bright areas of an image and combines the differences to create a highly realistic representation of the original scene. Furthermore, they also deploy SNV (Supreme Night Visibility) technology to ensure high quality images even under low-light conditions. This superior visibility further enables the cameras to eliminate unexpected incidents and to deliver high-level security around the clock to areas of critical importance.

Source by Vivotek

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