You may have heard the buzz around Windows 10 Creators Update and its cool new features, from enhanced 3D capabilities and social tools to new and advanced security features. But how can Creators help your business? Let’s go over what we’ve seen so far and find out.

3D features

Microsoft wants to bring 3D software to the masses. The Creators Update aims to make 3D feel easy and approachable by integrating the technology with familiar applications Microsoft Paint and Office.

  • Paint 3D can turn a sketch into a 3D graphic with a quick tap. The new sticker tool lets users stamp 2D images onto 3D ones. Love your creation? You’ll also be able to print it on a 3D printer.
  • Windows Capture 3D is a scanning app for mobile devices that lets you photograph an object in 3D simply by walking around it while shooting.
  • Remix 3D is Microsoft’s new destination for sharing creations. It will serve as a community library that you can add to or draw from. Once you finish a sketch, you can share it with the community and post it on social media.

How it will help your business:

  • Have we mentioned Paint 3D will be integrated into Office? It will be a dream come true for heavy PowerPoint users looking to design impactful presentations. To get a better feel for the possibilities, check out Microsoft’s demo here.
  • Imagine the possibilities for simple product prototyping. For example, a remote team could collaborate on a design and then print the object in their respective offices for testing. Or you could send a prototype to a retail outlet and print it onsite to obtain consumer feedback.

Connectivity and shareability

Need to message or share something fast with a colleague? In the Creators Update, person-to-person contact is going to be front and center.

  • A new taskbar feature called MyPeople lets you quickly connect and share directly with your favorite people (or at least, the ones you talk to the most). Instead of looking for a “share” button within an app, MyPeople lets you drag and drop files directly to a friend’s icon to pass them along instantly. The MyPeople experience is also integrated across universal Windows apps for easy sharing.
  • There’s also a new widget that lets you Skype or email your favorites quickly, and even toggle between Skype and email within the same window. (It’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft lets third-party app developers have a spot at the bar, too.)

How it will help your business:

  • These friendly little updates will have a big impact on efficiency and team collaboration. They’ll be handy when you’re communicating with your team about a complex project (or even just passing along a simple doc).

Aesthetics and usability

From pen functionality to custom settings, here’s a little more of what’s in store.

  • The Action Center is getting a refresh with new sliders for screen brightness and volume, as well as a few other quick actions.
  • You’ll be able to personalize Windows 10 with custom accent color options, as well as theme collections available in the Windows Store.
  • Love your stylus? Lucky you: There will be full pen support in Word. You can even use it to strikethrough text to have it deleted from a document. Give it a try with the new HP EliteBook x360 and optional HP Active Pen featuring WACOM technology.
  • The Edge browser now lets you preview tabs by hovering over them.

How it will help your business:

  • Customized aesthetics and multiple usability options offer more ways for your employees to stay comfortable and productive. Plus, your employees will likely be using Creators’ consumer-based apps for gaming and music at home, so they’ll come to expect the same customizations and updated OS at work.


New and advanced security capabilities are designed to better help enterprise customers and IT admins protect, defend, and respond to threats.

  • The new Windows Security Center will act as a centralized security management portal, integrating with third-party security platforms and linking directly to the Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection suite to follow an attack.
  • The Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) tool will come with new actions and insights such as improved detection, enriched intelligence, and enhanced remediation to help you investigate and respond to network attacks.

How it will help your business:

  • The centralized portal will allow businesses to track and monitor threats across their Windows 10 devices and network. This could be particularly attractive to large organizations that need to take faster, more comprehensive security measures to protect their endpoint and email infrastructure.

Device management

Microsoft is releasing a number of “best-in-class” capabilities to help IT teams assess, support, and upgrade devices.

  • An advanced Window Analytics dashboard will allow organizations to use their own telemetry for device upgrades, updates, and health processes.
  • A new Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) conversion tool will automatically convert Windows 7 devices (which use legacy BIOS) to UEFI. This conversion previously had to be done manually.
  • A new mobile application management functionality will help protect data on personal devices, even if the device isn’t enrolled in a mobile device management system.

How it will help your business:

  • Even though Windows 10 already improves task management, these improvements alleviate concerns businesses have had when moving to a new OS. These updates will expedite and streamline a number of IT management tasks by moving resources and time-intensive tasks to the cloud.

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